“Braun’s fiction hits you hard in the soul. His first-hand knowledge of Australia’s drug scene is brutal and intense. His take on zombies and ghosts is terrifying in its plausibility and his rendition of Santa Claus makes John McClean look like a boy scout. Fantastic reading!”
~ Greg Chapman, author of Torment, The Noctuary, and Vaudeville.

Autumn as Metaphor (from Horror For Good)

“In this creepy piece of flash, Braun sets the tone for a book that is unlike your typical charity anthology. The story is short, but the impact is huge. Personally having read the story over a dozen times, chills ran through me when I read the final sentence.”
Mark Scioneaux

“As with all anthologies, there are a few stand-out stories and Horror for Good is no exception to this, but there is a high proportion of great fiction included within these pages. In G. N. Braun’s “Autumn as Metaphor,” a father seemingly struggles with the loss of his daughter…”

“G. N. Braun’s opening tale, “Autumn as Metaphor,” is a remarkable achievement since the horror upon which the story is predicated has already occurred before the opening line, and the horror to come does not begin until the last lines; even so, it is complete, chilling, effective.”
~ Dr Michael Collings (Collingsnotes)

For reviews of Hammered: Memoir of an Addict, look here.

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