Aradale Asylum

Well, the weekend is over (I know, it’s Thursday, but I’ve included recovery time) and what a weekend it was.

I took part in a creative writing retreat with nearly twenty other people. We went to stay at Aradale, an abandoned 1800s lunatic asylum that is of a staggering size.


We all stayed in the dining hall (it also used to double as a dance hall and a place to hold religious services, so you can imagine the size) for both nights. We had originally planned to move over to the old staff quarters for the second night, but the distance and the stairs would have made it very difficult to move all twenty of the mattresses over there. After what happened in the staff quarters on the second night, I’m glad we didn’t. More on that in a later post (it deserves it’s own post).

For more info, keep an eye on this blog, and check out the dedicated Aradale 2013 blog HERE.

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