Hammered is an …

“Hammered is an extraordinary book, possibly due to its very ordinariness, if that makes any sense whatsoever. GN Braun has laid himself bare and raw in this memoir, and doesn’t gloss over any of the facts. It’s completely nonjudgmental and unsentimental, just a straightforward laying out of the facts, one after the other in a clinical yet conversational style that just highlights the reality of what happened. It’s an engrossing read; I devoured it in less than 24 hours and found it fascinating. I’ve never actually read any Irvine Welsh (having only seen Danny Boyle’s brilliant movie version of his most famous book) but calling this an Australian Trainspotting would be a relatively fair comparison, I’d think, in its unflinching examination of the day to day minutiae, good and bad, of serious drug addiction and its ramifications. It’s definitely a very worthwhile read, so get your hands on a copy today!”
Martin Livings

It would seem Martin Livings thoroughly enjoyed Hammered: Memoir of an Addict.

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