Penny C. Sansevieri: 10 Surefire Ways to Succeed in Publishing

Here’s a great feature piece/list of ways to help generate book sales…

“I’ve written a lot of pieces on publishing success. I’ve talked about picking the right publisher, finding an editor, etc. All helpful, for sure, but this time I wanted to dig a bit deeper. I’ve been coaching authors for years on publishing, marketing, and idea creation. You name it, I’ve probably addressed it in a coaching session. The topics Im addressing in this piece are issues that seem to come up again and again when Im working with authors and while this might sound more like a goal-setting or Ra-Ra Tony Robbins piece, believe me when I say that often the difference between a successful author and someone who just dawdles on the fringes of success lies in these tips — so here we go:”

via Penny C. Sansevieri: 10 Surefire Ways to Succeed in Publishing.

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