BOOKS of the DEAD PRESS: Star Wars and The Hero’s Journey

BOOKS of the DEAD PRESS: Star Wars and The Hero’s Journey

For writers out there, “The Hero’s Journey” is a classic plot/structure. Homer followed it with his Odyssey, and a vast majority of heroic-type tales have since followed suit. Here is the outline, placed in context by comparison to a classic tale that most know well, just to make it easier to follow each stage and step within. Courtesy of Books of the Dead Press’ website. Follow the link to see more…

“Star Wars and The Hero’s JourneyThe easiest way to comprehend Joseph Campbells Monomyth, also known as The Hero’s Journey, is to communicate it with a story we all know.I’m going to walk you through The Hero’s Journey, applying it to the film Star Wars, which is a great example of classic story structure. Once you understand the structure you’ll see it again and again in films and stories as diverse as Finding Nemo, 28 Days Later, The Karate Kid, and Aliens. The steps don’t always land in the same order, nor is every step consistently present. But like I said, once you recognize the steps they become hard to miss.”

via BOOKS of the DEAD PRESS: Star Wars and The Hero’s Journey.

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