Film shoot for the as-yet-unfinished trailer…

Film-maker giving direction
Getting the exposure right for some still shots
Getting some shots of the street-art
Kris Saknussemm (left), script-writer, discusses the shoot with GN Braun
GN Braun, guarding the camera stand
Script-writer Kris Saknussemm, with Luci, the World’s #1 Mastiff (set security)
Matthew Revert, representative of the publisher,Legumeman Books
Kris and film-maker discuss the shoot, while Luci stands guard
Braun and other discuss the seating for the interview sequence
Preparing for the interview (Kris on the left, Braun centred and other on the right)
Interview underway and being filmed
110 block, the backdrop for the interview. Bleak and depressing…
Film-maker setting up the camera angle
Braun and Kris talk while film-maker sets up the camera
Film-maker shifts the equipment for a different angle while the second round of questions are asked
Kris and Luci stand guard while film-maker prepares for a few short sequences and sound-bites
Luci ensures the film-shoot isn’t interrupted…

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