Meet the Author: Australian Geoff Brown, and his memoir, Hammered. – IAN WALKLEY » IAN WALKLEY

Welcome Geoff, would you like to tell us a little about your background?

I grew up in a working-class suburb west of Melbourne, Victoria. I’m an only child, and made some bad choices early on in life. I spent over twenty years as a drug user, and only just got clean in my late thirties. I’ve always read a lot, and written as well, although I didn’t take writing seriously until I’d cleaned up my act. I started networking online in the horror genre (a genre I’ve always loved), and quickly made a few friends among the horror community in the US.

I joined the Australian Horror Writers Association (AHWA) in 2009, as I wanted to network more in Australia and saw the group as a great opportunity. Social-media sites gave me the chance to interact with writers, editors and publishers all over, and I quickly made many friends in the writing industry. In 2010, I became the vice-president of the AHWA when the committee change-over occurred. This networking was instrumental in my rise as a writer. In late 2011, I was asked to take over as the president of the AHWA, and this has helped even more. I now deal with people in the major publishing houses around the world, as well as world-renowned writers.

via Meet the Author: Australian Geoff Brown, and his memoir, Hammered. – IAN WALKLEY » IAN WALKLEY.

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