Rocky Wood (president of the HWA) interview

A wonderful interview with Rocky Wood, president of the Horror Writers Association (US) and a wonderful guy.

An Interview with celebrated Stephen King expert Rocky Wood – Charlotte Books |

Rocky is suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease or ALS in the United States.

A recent winner of the Bram Stoker Award for non-fiction for his book Stephen King: Uncollected and Unpublished from Overlook Connection Press, Rocky has recently co-released Witch Hunts, a graphic novel detailing the time of the Salem witch trials, with Lisa Morton and illustrated by Greg Chapman.

Witch Hunts will be officially launched at Notions Unlimited Bookshop in Chelsea Victoria on August 4th. Both Rocky and Greg will be attending to sign books, and there will be bookplates available bearing the signature of US co-author Lisa Morton.

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