2012 Updates

Hi everyone,
Sorry for being so slack in updating, but between writing, studying, building an editing and proofreading business and attempting to have a life, it’s been a busy time.
A couple of acceptances so far this year, with more on the way:

Horror For Good: A Charitable Anthology reprinted one of my flash pieces, Autumn as Metaphor, with great reviews coming in.
‎”G. N. Braun’s opening tale, “Autumn as Metaphor,” is a remarkable achievement since the horror upon which the story is predicated has already occurred before the opening line, and the horror to come does not begin until the last lines; even so, it is complete, chilling, effective.” – Michael R. Collings

It can be purchased in print form here, with eBook files coming soon!

Midnight Echo is printing a new story, Brand New Day, in edition #7 on May 31st, and I’m looking forward to seeing that one in print. They had this to say on the website:Dark and gritty are the two words that spring to mind when reading the work of G.N. Braun. Away from the supernatural and macabre, Braun takes us to a place all too common. There’s nothing more terrifying than reality.”

Hammered is now out from Amazon (print and Kindle) and Smashwords, and selling well, it would seem. Great reviews coming in on both sites.

R.B. Clague on March 22, 2012 : star star star star star 
To say that Hammered: Memoir of an Addict, is a compelling book is a gross understatment. It’s a novel that many readers will find uncomfortable with its warts-and-all portrayal of addiction and the consequent lifestyle. So it should. It doesn’t paint the author as an angel, nor does it demonize him. It just simply paints – a gritty and realistic portrait of desperation and of one man’s struggle to get through each day. This book is to Australia, what Trainspotting is to Scotland. My sincere congratulations to the author for having the courage to pen such a wonderful work. I have a feeling that if Joe’s dad is looking down from wherever he is, he’s glad that Joe made it through the journey and lived to tell other people that it’s possible to escape the abyss.

” By 
Vasbrook (Tasmania) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Hammered: Memoir of an Addict (Paperback)

An honest, gritty account of a drug addict that offers no apologies. G.N. Braun takes us through his accounts of the low life and leaves us amazed he ever escaped the squalid carousel ride each junkie takes. Unsympathetic yet yearning for an escape, Braun packs a lot into 175 pages and you’ll feel you’ve taken a hard yet satisfying journey with an addict that can claim he escaped the darkness. Recommended”

Keep an eye out for more news, hopefully in a more timely manner!

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