Some original art, and some great books at the fundraiser

TWO new pieces of original art by Chuck McKenzie… both signed by the artist…

Also, a pack of books kindly donated by Chuck McKenzie:

  • Field Combat Manual for Zombie Slayers, written by Marc Sherman
  • Boneshaker, written by Cherie Priest
  • Dog Blood, written by David Moody
  • Shakespeare Undead, A Novel, written by Lori Handeland
  • Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: A look at the History and Influence of Zombies on Popular Culture, edited by Christopher Wortzenspeigel from High Quality Wikipedia Articles
  • The Zombie Handbook; An Essential Guide to Zombies, and, more importantly, How to Avoid them, Dr. Robert Curran
  • Alone Series, Chaser, written by James Phelan (signed)

    All are now up at the AHWA site…

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