A mass of new auction items!

There’s been a rush in the last few days of donated items, so I’m listing all the definite additions here!

Tim Lebbon’s The Reach of Children. 112 pages

Signed and inscribed to the winner!


The Stephen King Illustrated Companion, by Bev Vincent!
Signed and inscribed to the winner!

Killer Move  by Michael Marshall hardcover.

Signed and inscribed to the winner!

This is Marshall’s latest release, and his signed stuff is hard to come by, especially in Australia!

Bone Marrow Stew by Tim Curran.
This is the signed/limited edition published and donated by Tasmaniac Publications. Limited to 250 copies worldwide, this is a PC copy.

And lastly, but by no means least, Scott Nicholson has kindly donated his ENTIRE EBOOK CATALOG! Every…single…book!
The author will email the ebooks to the winner in epub, mobi, or PDF files, as required!
The titles are:

Cursed! (with J.R. Rain)
Ghost College (with J.R. Rain)
The Vampire Club (with J.R. Rain)
Bad Blood (with J.R. Rain and H.T. Night)
Children’s Books
If I Were Your Monster (with Lee Davis)
Too Many Witches (with Lee Davis)
Duncan the Punkin (with Sergio Castro)
On Writing

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