Some original art, and some great books at the fundraiser

TWO new pieces of original art by Chuck McKenzie… both signed by the artist…

Also, a pack of books kindly donated by Chuck McKenzie:

  • Field Combat Manual for Zombie Slayers, written by Marc Sherman
  • Boneshaker, written by Cherie Priest
  • Dog Blood, written by David Moody
  • Shakespeare Undead, A Novel, written by Lori Handeland
  • Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: A look at the History and Influence of Zombies on Popular Culture, edited by Christopher Wortzenspeigel from High Quality Wikipedia Articles
  • The Zombie Handbook; An Essential Guide to Zombies, and, more importantly, How to Avoid them, Dr. Robert Curran
  • Alone Series, Chaser, written by James Phelan (signed)

    All are now up at the AHWA site…

A very special auction item…

A very special prize-pack is now up for auction at the AHWA site for Rocky Wood – Melbourne author; member of AHWA; president of HWA and all-round nice guy!

Donated by Jeremy Wagner, the pack consists of:

A signed/personalised first-edition trade-paperback of The Armageddon Chord
Deep beneath the Egyptian sands, an ancient and evil song written in hieroglyphics is discovered in the long lost and buried pyramid of the demonic pharaoh, Aknaseth. It is written, that if this song is performed for the world to hear, it will unleash the Apocalypse upon the world of man…Satan will reign and grant immortality to the chosen.
With the help of the abominable Egyptologist, Helmut Hartkopff, nihilistic multi-billionaire, Festus Baustone the Third will do whatever it takes to bring the song to life at any cost—even if his only daughter is to be sacrificed.
Kirk Vaisto, dubbed the “God of Guitar” by his millions of fans, soon finds himself caught between the forces of divine good and monumental evil. Vaisto begins a musical journey that takes him from an unholy chapter in ancient Egyptian history to the very remains of the Holy Cross, to the concert stage, and beyond all this, to the very edge of Hell itself.
Will Kirk Vaisto give the performance of a lifetime and either deliver our world from evil…or he will annihilate us all with the stroke of his hand?
What will happen when Kirk Vaisto strikes
The Armageddon Chord?

A signed/personalised author photo;
 The Armageddon Chord collectible ‘jumbo’ guitar pick and;
One The Armageddon Chord t-shirt (large).

Remember folks, the page with details is HERE!
You’ve gotta be in it to win it…

And even MORE auction items for the fundraiser!

Some more specials up for grabs at the Rocky Wood fundraiser auction.

Firstly, a LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION to Dark Discoveries magazine, valued at nearly $300.
Also included is a pack comprised of NINE back-issues of Dark Discoveries:

– Issue #1 (Spring, 2004) – Douglas Clegg, Elizabeth Engstrom, Bev Vincent, Bill Gauthier, Article on Stephen King by Rocky Wood, a SK Bibliography and more.
– Issue #3 (Fall, 2004) – Simon Clark, Tim Lebbon, Gary Braunbeck, Tom Piccirilli, James S. Dorr, Earthling Publications Profile, Bill Gauthier column, and more.
– Issue #4 (Spring, 2005) – Graham Masterton, Jeffrey Thomas, John R. Little, Alan M. Clark, Jeremy Robert Johnson, James Newman, Jon F. Merz and more.
– Issue #6 (Fall, 2005) – Ramsey Campbell, Douglas Winter (Part 1), Norman Partridge, Scott Nicholson, Tim Curran, Matthew Warner, Darren Franz and more.
– Issue #7 (Winter, 2006) – Elizabeth Massie, Douglas Winter (Part 2), Gerard Houarner, Steve Vernon, J.F. Gonzalez, Tributes to J.N. Williamson (Gary Braunbeck and others) and more.
– Issue #9 (Winter, 2007) – T.M. Wright, Brian Hodge, Elizabeth Engstrom, John Maclay, Michael McBride, Tony Richards, Bill Gauthier column and more.
– Issue #10 (Summer, 2007) – Jay Lake, Tim Waggoner, Alan M. Clark, John Everson, Tributes to Charles L. Grant (Christopher Golden, Kealan Patrick Burke and others), Stephen King’s worldwide book tour and more.
– Issue #11 (Spring, 2008) – Joe Hill, Edward Lee, Tim Lebbon, Michael Laimo, Cody Goodfellow, Charlee Jacob, Chad Savage and more.
– Issue #17 (Fall, 2010) – Dark Science Fiction Special. Featuring: Ray Bradbury, John Shirley, David Cronenberg, William F. Nolan, Jeffrey Thomas, Bruce Taylor, Nick Mamatas, Randy Broeker, Jeremy Robert Johnson, Ronald Malfi and more.

As an added bonus, also included are two signed/limited books released by Dark Discoveries:

– CATALYSTS – Bill Gauthier (2007). Introduction by Thomas F. Monteleone and artwork by Alan M. Clark. Features 13 stories, an afterword by the author and story notes. Signed and Numbered Trade Paperback and one of only 250 copies done.
– WILLIAM F. NOLAN: A MISCELLANY (2011). Features a rare story, an essay and bibliography. Signed by the author and limited to 250 trade paperback/perfectbound copies.

Also on offer at the auction site are:

Rain Dogs by Gary McMahon – Signed limited edition from Humdrumming Press (2008)
Inscribed to the winning bidder with an additional signature by the author.

Thought Forms by Jeffrey Thomas – Signed/limited edition from Dark Regions Press (2009)
Inscribed to the winner with an additional signature AND remarqued by the author.

 Nekropolis 1, 2 AND three by Tim Waggoner, all three signed and dedicated to the winning bidder!

Meet Matt Richter. Private eye. Zombie.
His mean streets are the city of the dead, the shadowy realm known as Nekropolis. And in this first case, Richter must help a delectable half-vampire named Devona recover a legendary artifact known as the Dawnstone, before it’s used to destroy Nekropolis itself. That is, if he can survive the myriad horrors that infest the city itself.

A mass of new auction items!

There’s been a rush in the last few days of donated items, so I’m listing all the definite additions here!

Tim Lebbon’s The Reach of Children. 112 pages

Signed and inscribed to the winner!


The Stephen King Illustrated Companion, by Bev Vincent!
Signed and inscribed to the winner!

Killer Move  by Michael Marshall hardcover.

Signed and inscribed to the winner!

This is Marshall’s latest release, and his signed stuff is hard to come by, especially in Australia!

Bone Marrow Stew by Tim Curran.
This is the signed/limited edition published and donated by Tasmaniac Publications. Limited to 250 copies worldwide, this is a PC copy.

And lastly, but by no means least, Scott Nicholson has kindly donated his ENTIRE EBOOK CATALOG! Every…single…book!
The author will email the ebooks to the winner in epub, mobi, or PDF files, as required!
The titles are:

Cursed! (with J.R. Rain)
Ghost College (with J.R. Rain)
The Vampire Club (with J.R. Rain)
Bad Blood (with J.R. Rain and H.T. Night)
Children’s Books
If I Were Your Monster (with Lee Davis)
Too Many Witches (with Lee Davis)
Duncan the Punkin (with Sergio Castro)
On Writing

New Fundraiser Item!

Up for auction now is a set of the two-volume Cemetery Dance release.
Stephen King’s Secretary of Dreams Volumes One and Two Gift (slipcased) Editions.
Limited to 5,000 copies.

Volume One
World Fantasy Award winner Cemetery Dance Publications, critically acclaimed artist Glenn Chadbourne, and New York Times bestselling author Stephen King are proud to announce The Secretary of Dreams, the master of horror’s first unabridged graphic short story collection!

Featuring a half-dozen classic tales of terror personally selected by King, this collection presents his stories for the first time in the tradition of the pulp horror comics. Spanning over 280 oversized pages, the hundreds of illustrations and full comic panels from acclaimed Maine artist Glenn Chadbourne transform The Secretary of Dreams into a work of art. Not one word from King’s stories has been left out, but now they’ve been brought to life by hundreds of pen and ink drawings by Chadbourne! The featured stories are: “The Road Virus Heads North,” “Uncle Otto’s Truck,” “Rainy Season,” “The Reach,” “Jerusalem’s Lot,” and “Home Delivery.”

Volume Two
This second venture into the world of Stephen King’s stories contains even more artwork and detailed illustrations that could only have come from the inspired hands of artist Glenn Chadbourne! The Secretary of Dreams (Volume Two) continues where the first acclaimed volume left off: combining classic tales of terror from the mind of Stephen King with the haunting artwork of Maine artist Glenn Chadbourne. This unique book displays an incredible and original blend of King’s words with Chadbourne’s one-of-a-kind B&W illustrations: text and artwork brought together to tell these chilling stories in a whole new way.
As you venture into this new volume of The Secretary of Dreams you’ll discover “The Monkey,” “Strawberry Spring,” and “In the Deathroom” presented on beautifully designed oversized pages. These stories are heavily illustrated with spot artwork, full page illustrations, and even multiple-page art spreads. Dozens of painstakingly crafted illustrations bring King’s characters to life.
Also within this collection are “Gray Matter,” “One for the Road ,” and “Nona,” which appear for the very first time in full graphic format as imagined by Chadbourne. Not one word from King’s original manuscripts has been left out. Instead Chadbourne presents the stories through a variety of techniques: traditional paragraphs of text merged directly into the artwork, handwritten bursts of dialogue to convey emotion, and even multiple fonts to match the mood of each scene.
The auction page is HERE
Remote-bidding from anywhere within Australia or internationally is available!