Hammered, the blog

I decided to create this blog to raise awareness of issues of drug-dependence and addiction, and to promote my own forthcoming memoir of addiction. I intend to post updates on my book, Hammered, as well as outlining what it’s like to be addicted to heroin, and to be dependent on other drugs.
I’ll be inviting others suffering from substance abuse issues to post here, from addicts to users, or family and friends of drug users.
I’ll also do my very best to answer any question posed on these issues.
I’d like to invite anyone affected by addiction to email me at gnbraun@live.com if you’d like to post here.

* * *

I abused drugs from the age of 16. I used marijuana, pills and amphetamines for over twenty-five years, and was addicted to opiates for more than ten years. I got off the smack (and the buprenorphine) in 2007, and finally stopped smoking dope in 2010.
I decided to write Hammered to bring to people’s attention the many issues that lead to drug abuse, as well as highlighting my own journey into and out of drug addiction.

* * *

As part of my journey to wellness I wrote my story, in the hope that it can help others see that addiction is NOT a dead-end street, that there is a way out.
I found it, and so can you. So can your son, your daughter, your brother or your sister. So can your husband or your wife, or whoever you love that is lost in drugs.
Don’t give up on them, or they may just give up on themselves.

2 thoughts on “Hammered, the blog

  1. Robin Eduardo says:

    Good luck with this project. Heroin abuse hits especially close to home with me, too close. Lots of misconceptions about those "dirty junkies", and a misunderstanding of the way addicts think, that they do not love, or care about the people around them. That their addiction is a selfish act. Too many people have an opinion about addiction without really knowing what it is like from the addict's perspective. Thank you for wanting to share your story. I hope it helps a lot of people.

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