LIFE – Free Fiction

Empty coke bottle, syringe wrappers blowing in the wind.

I sit and watch as junkies stagger past, either stoned or hanging out; morphine stare or desperate for it.

I live in a daze as people die around me; fast or slow, I’m not sure which is worse. Nadia vomits raspberry soft-drink in a bilious puddle, pale and drawn out of her mind. Shane struts; he’s off the gear right now, but only for a while. Money talks and bullshit walks.

I hear the furious call of an ambulance, racing to help people who don’t want to help themselves. I remember watching a body tumble from the sky, twirling in the wind like a screaming kite, hitting the ground like a dying swan, limp and rigid at the same time. Burst open for the entire world to see.

I wonder if any of it is worth living, worth dying for.

I sit and feel the same as I always do. I want to score, I need to score, and I want to score again.

Life as a junkie is life in a circle; stoned, not, stoned, not; locked up, not, locked up, not.

Aren’t we always locked up, locked in?

Locked in the cycle, locked in the desire, locked in the need.

I feel locked in, locked up, locked out…

Free Fiction: Boneyard Smack

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A great start from this promising author. A gritty tale that will give readers a sample of what Braun is capable of. Keep your eyes peeled, it’s only going to get better.
4 of 5 stars Scott Tyson
~ Author of Dear Santa (Festive Fear 2)

‘Short, nasty and scarily realistic!’
4 of 5 stars Trost
~ Author of Hoffman’s Creeper and The Legend of Redback Jack

‘Braun gives us 2 minutes trapped in the mind of a junkie trying to get a fix…a short, sharp shock. Nothing scarier than real life.’
4 of 5 stars Daniel I. Russell
~ Author of Samhane, Fluffs and Shutterbug


‘Who is this fuckhead, and what’s this shit he calls writing?’
didn't like it Colonel Glipshitz
~ Author of We, the Moral Minority and Beatnix Under the Bed


Matthew Revert . . . “GN Braun: many who like killing themselves like this.”
Matthew Revert’s facebook page status thread

Family Ties (Free Fiction)

George stepped into the lounge just as Kathy came down the stairs.

“Hi darl. How’s Peter?” George had a voice like a bear, deep and rough.

“Hey there! He’s fine, and he sends his love. When did you get in?”

George moved over to the base of the stairs as she descended. “About three hours ago. Have you spoken to your brother lately?”

“Nope. Andy’s totally wrapped up in that new project at work. He’s beyond the attention of us mere mortals these days.” Kathy moved down the stairs to George and hugged him tight. George smiled down at her, proud of how she’d grown.

Kathy released him and stepped back, looking down at the floor and seeming lost for words.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” George moved closer,but Kathy backed away even further, onto the first stair.

“Look…there’s something I have to tell you. I just…I don’t know how to say it.” Kathy looked up, tears in her eyes as they met his.

George looked horrified. “Honey. You know you can talk to me about anything!”

Kathy inched further away, heel striking the next riser. “I know that, but this is…hard. It’s sorta to do with Andy.”

George looked confused. “I thought you hadn’t seen him?”

Kathy blushed. She walked quickly past George and into the lounge, subconsciously moving so that a sofa lay between them. “It’s more to do with Gina.”

“Your sister-in-law? Honey, I don’t understand?” George tried to move around the obstacle to embrace her, but Kathy moved to keep it between them.

“Look…it’s hard, okay?” Kathy sagged against the sofa, finally letting him close enough to hold her.

“Whatever it is, we can deal with it, darl.” George felt Kathy stiffen as he spoke.

“I…I had her. I had an affair with her.” Kathy sagged bonelessly to the sofa.

What? Do you mean sexually? You slept with your brother’s wife?” George was unable to keep his horror from his voice, as much as he tried. “Have you told Peter?”

Kathy started to cry. “I don’t have to tell him. He was there. He slept with her too.”

“Oh, sweetheart. What have you done?” George held her close. What else could he do?