Floods and other s***

I’ve been absent for a few months now. Two main reasons (apart from being the ultimate procrastinator).

First, I was working on my memoir (Hammered) rewrite, which has been just as difficult as the first draft.
Not hard to write, but hard to relive.
Bad memories surfacing took away my drive to finish, but now I’m on the home stretch.
It should be in the hand of the publisher within four weeks now.

Now to the second issue: Goddamn water!

I’ve been recently affected by the severe flooding in Northern Victoria, with my entire town underwater and looking like a lake with trees and houses sticking up out of the water.
The water has receded, but now the hard part – the cleanup – starts.

My house made it through unscathed, but everything I had stored in both the garage and the bungalow was ruined. Time to throw it all out, tear up the carpet in the bungalow and see what can be salvaged of the buildings themselves.

I’ve been floored by the amount of volunteers from outside the flood zone, and the high volume of donations of all kind – cash, food, blankets, clothing etc. The people of regional Victoria rock! As do the people of more metropolitan areas.

Hopefully, all residents of Northern Vic will completely recover, but there have been losses that are irreplaceable.
A close friend lost their grandmother to the stress of the hurried helicopter evacuation from the local aged-care home…the same aged-care home where my mother is a resident. Thank God she’s fine.
An eight-year old boy was drowned near Shepparton while swimming in a swollen creek. Never a good idea, but this must be hard for the family regardless.
My thoughts go out to all those affected by floods along the entire East Coast of Australia.

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