Dead, or is it just the legumes I ate last night?

Judging by the activity here of late, it would seem I am either dead or lying in a coma in some long-term care ward in hospital.
Thankfully, neither of these are fictions are, in fact, reality.

I have no excuses for my absence, if indeed anyone even noticed. Between rewriting Hammered and trying to find a home for Happy Hour and a couple of other pieces, it’s been hectic.

I have now signed the contract for Hammered, and it seems it will be released as a paperback by Legumeman Books in September, 2011. The ebook for PC’s, Kindle and other e-readers will be available earlier in the year. I’ll update here as the information becomes available.

Upon its paperback release, I will have signed copies available for purchase through this website, as well as through the publisher’s site.

Legumeman Books also provides FREE fiction for you all through its FREE SERIES!

And don’t forget there are also three FREE shorts of mine available from Legumeman Books Free Series: Boneyard Smack, Bubba Wants You! and Insurrection.

Also, Festive Fear 2: Global Edition is out very soon, with my sequel to Insurrection, SANTA AKBAR! Check out Tasmaniac Publications‘ website for news.
Although if you want one, you’ll have to find a copy on the secondary market, ’cause it’s sold out from the publisher and booksellers.

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