Rewrite and Acceptance

It’s been a very busy month, what with Stalkerfest 2010 to organise, taking over two roles within the Australian Horror Writer’s Association (Vice President and manager of Sinister Reads), along with loads of personal shit to deal with, so I have no excuses for my long absence other than totally run off my feet.

On the plus side, I recently received word that Hammered: Memoirs of an Addict has been accepted by Legumeman books here in Australia, to be published next year sometime.
Now to rewrite the damn thing with a load of new material.
I’ll update as I can.

It’s also getting closer to the release of Festive Fear 2: Global Edition with my story Santa Akbar! contained within…for anyone who hasn’t ordered this, it’s sold out and likely only to be found on the secondary market next year.

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