New (Free) Published Short: Insurrection (aka Don’t Fuck with the Fat Man)

Insurrection Snowy Mountain Style
(aka don’t fuck with the fat man)


Happy Christmas in July!(Just)

When Santa’s elves revolt, it’s up to one person to stop it – the motherfucking fat man himself! Celebrate Christmas in July in typical LegumeMan fashion – with gratuitous blood!

GNBraun was raised in Melbourne’s gritty Western Suburbs and is a trained nurse currently studying to work in the social services. He writes fiction untied to any genre, and is the author of Boneyard Smack, Bubba wants YOU, Insurrection and Santa Akbar (Tasmaniac Publications Dec. 2010)! Longer works are forthcoming, but he can only write so fast. Visit his blog and homepage at for free fiction and latest updates

Download Insurrection for FREE here. (or click on the cover above)

6 thoughts on “New (Free) Published Short: Insurrection (aka Don’t Fuck with the Fat Man)

  1. Draven Ames says:

    Man! This sounded like a blast man. I tried to go to the link and download but it popped up with adobe, which doesn't work in my browser (when I use adobe and have it enabled I can't surf the net). Man, it sounded like fun to read. Can you send it maybe?

  2. Draven Ames says:

    I read through the entire story, even subbing out some curses in front of my kids and reading them the first half. We were all getting a hoot! I loved the descriptions, it was very quick and explosive. Man, the way you did Santa was rocking. The ending reminded me a little of Turner and Hooch 😛 I don't know if you've seen it, just the mouth thing. It was funny as hell. The way you depicted the elves,the speed with which you write, makes the story flow so fast.

  3. Draven Ames says:

    I did think it would be awesome to find Rudolph's nose strung up on top of a Christmas tree and was just waiting for it to happen. The whole thing was very imaginative and I kept picturing it in the claymation from the old Rudolph movie. I still laugh. Great write. For those who haven't read Geoff, one thing you will never worry about it bad grammar or structure. The flow is great and it just streams into your mind like a download.

  4. GNBraun says:

    Thanks Draven. It makes me extremely happy to hear readers are getting as much out of it as I did writing it. I had a ball the whole time.You rock!

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