Feel like writing something? Try here…

These are some examples of the writing available at the facebook page The Art of Words (the first was inspired by a headline posted at the forum, the second inspired by the image of the light globe, also posted at the forum).
This group caters for the writer in all of us, amateurs and professionals alike. Join, read, write, enjoy!
Also, there is a forum independent to Facebook, found HERE, that covers both The Art of Words and it’s sister site, Art to Art, which caters for the visual artist.


[image] [image]

All that remained of the entire shemozzle were a few capuchin monkeys staggering around dressed like bell-hops and two sneaky looking chimps huddled together in a corner and feeling decidedly anarchic.
It was never discovered just which bright spark thought of having two warring clans of organ-grinders appear in the same village on the same day, but it wasn’t one of the best ideas of the decade.
It all began quite grandly, as these things often do, but quickly degenerated into a mass of fisticuffs, bleeding men, flying teeth and squealing monkeys/apes. The chimps rushed to gang up on their smaller cousins, and the humans involved fell before the ferocity of their simian counterparts.
In the end, the only winners were the undertakers, who danced all the way to the bank.


George looked carefully through the microscope, studying the mote-sized organisms.
“Scurry around, my pets. The only meaning you have is my intent and desire.”
Flicking the switch, he reconnected the tiny terrarium to the mains power supply.
Lights flared as current thrummed through the system again.
Life went on inside the terrarium; billions of people, going about their daily lives, unknowing of the fact they were, in the end, only a biological power supply.

Links above for the independent forum.
Search on Facebook for The Art of Words and/or Art to Art.
Great sites, all of them.
Check them out…

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