Ditmar nominations closed…

The nomination period for the Ditmar awards is now closed.
The shortlist should be announced in August sometime.

Good luck to fellow author Shane Jiraiya Cummings and author/illustrator Andrew J. McKiernan, as well as anyone else I know but am unaware of their eligibility.
When the shortlist is unveiled, I encourage all of you who are eligible to vote for your favourites.

In a previous post, I included links to works I thought were worthy of nomination, but as the nomination period has ended those links have now been disabled.

The link to my short story Boneyard Smack is still active.
Click on the image below to download.

‘A great start from this promising author. A gritty tale that will give readers a sample of what Braun is capable of. Keep your eyes peeled, it’s only going to get better.’
4 of 5 stars Scott Tyson
~ Author of Dear Santa (Festive Fear 2)
‘Short, nasty and scarily realistic!’
4 of 5 stars Trost
~ Author of Hoffman’s Creeper and The Legend of Redback Jack

‘Braun gives us 2 minutes trapped in the mind of a junkie trying to get a fix…a short, sharp shock. Nothing scarier than real life.’
4 of 5 stars Daniel I. Russell
~ Author of Samhane, Fluffs and Shutterbug

‘Who is this fuckhead, and what’s this shit he calls writing?’
didn't like itit was okliked itreally liked itit was amazing Colonel Glipshitz
~ Author of We, the Moral Minority and Beatnix Under the Bed

Matthew Revert … “GN Braun: many who like killing themselves like this.”
Matthew Revert’s facebook page status thread

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