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The heroin-addled streets, populated by junkies just looking to score. It pays to be careful about what you’re pumping into your veins because you never know what you’re going to get. But let’s face it – if you’re looking to score in a cemetery you kinda have to expect the worst. Boneyard Smack is a short, sharp story, covered in more grime than the cutlery at a one-star motel.

As an added bonus, this story is presented in a super grim, all black edition that peppers things rather nicely.



Revenge has never tasted so sweet (and slightly putrid). From the same G.N Braun who brought you “Boneyard Smack” comes this (admittedly revolting) tale. Strap yourself in for a bloody bout of comeuppance courtesy of the diabolical anti-hero, Bubba.

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