Blatant Advertising!!!

Ladies and GentlePerps, children of all ages…
DISCLAIMER: No-one under 18 should be reading this blog.

…WELCOME once again to the travesty that is…
…GNBraun’s Blog aka And The Horse You Rode In On…
Drop by and enjoy the freakshow…marvel at wonders never before seen by man (not even woman has seen some of them)…drop a coin in Sideshow Alley…

DISCLAIMER: No Gambling on Premises.

Spend a little time checking out the House of Horrors…and don’t forget to view our ultimate exhibitTHE GIMP!

Shudder as he eats glass, cringe as he bites the heads off live politicians, projectile vomit as he gives it to the bearded gerbil girl

…you will never be the same again!
Now, to the real message…
Just Click on the Link Below…..:D

I Went to GNBraun’s BlogPage and ALL I GOT WAS THIS STUPID WEBLINK!*

*Stupid Weblink disabled due to your already being here…

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