B.R.I.T. Bendigo Retarded Institute of ‘Tardation

Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE (Technical and Further Education, for all you non-Aussies). Supposedly a bastion of learning, but in reality another bureaucracy that fails its students dismally.
I enrolled there in 2008 for a two year course in the Social Services field.
STUPID ME, for believing it would only last two years and then I would have another qualification. It’s been two years now, going into the third, and so far, due to the crap bureaucrats there, I have finished maybe half of my course. The first year was fine, did close to eighteen subjects, but the second year they fucked up royally and only offered ONE subject the whole year. This year, still no word on anything (and it’s already nearly April). Originally I was informed that we would begin classes on April 12th, but it’s now March 24th, only a few days away from the Easter Break, and STILL NO TIMETABLE OR EVEN ANY ENROLMENT OR SUBJECT INFORMATION!
If I had known, I would have enrolled in Cert IV in Writing and Editing, not sat around like a fucking legless ass, waiting to be told what we are doing this year….
I try to call the coordinator, and get told either that ‘she is on another call, can she call you back’ (and no recall so far) or she doesn’t answer her phone at all. I leave messages on her voice-mail, and guess what?

So FUCK YOU, BRIT….and the horse you rode in on!

No wonder people lose it and go something-something……
That’s right…that’s the phrase I’m looking for…..

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