REVIEW: A Million Versions of Right by Matthew Revert

I’ll just say that this book is deserving of any and all praise heaped upon it’s pristine creme UK paper…

And here is the opinion I put forward on Goodreads and Facebook….

‘If words were weapons, Revert is writing with smart bomb bunker-busters. If I were Osama Bin Laden, I would declare a JIHAD on anyone who doesn’t, while perusing the pernicious, depraved tales penned by Revert, get dragged kicking and screaming into an alternate reality where headphones touch themselves at night (and any other time it pleases them…), where omelettes contain dreadlocks, and where wank fairies expel miasmic gasses 24/7.
Revert has, in this cuckoo collection, far transcended the limits of the imagination, and he has done it with a wonderful sense of style and grace. Not only are the ramblings within this volume exceedingly bizarre and ‘What the FUCK was he thinking???’, but the style and natural ability Revert exhibits shines out in every sentence, every paragraph.
This raw ability to bludgeon the reader with prose worthy of review by the likes of Burroughs and Charles Lutwidge Dodgson is what will win the reader over within pages of starting this wonderful, wonderful volume.
FREE story from the collection available HERE!
Buy it HERE!

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